"Gesture of reverence "

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Anjali Mudra

In A Gentle Way
You Can Shake The World


The Anjali Mudra is one of the easiest mudras. Simply bring the hands
together at the palms with the fingers reaching upwards. The hands
are pressed together firmly and evenly.


As you bring your hands together at your center, you are literally
connecting the right and left hemispheres of your brain. This is the
yogic process of unification, the yoking of our active and receptive

Time interval:

No particular time duration for this mudra. It is also often used in
yoga practice, such as during Sun Salutations and Tadasana.


It is considered a natural remedy for stress and anxiety and is useful
for entering into a meditative state.
Contemplate your own metaphors when practicing this mudra, such
as the balancing of masculine andfeminine energies, logic and
intuition, and strength and tenderness.


Nothing at all. Perform this asana freely.